PPA800DSP 2-Way Plate Amplifier 800W 2-Channel with DSP and Bluetooth

Quick Overview

With customizable DSP and 800 watts of clean power (600W for low frequencies; 200W for highs), Dayton Audios PPA800DSP is perfect for building your own powered PA speakers or even retrofitting existing passive speakers. With the ability to set crossover frequency, parametric EQ, and delay for each channel the possibilities are endless. In addition, the 4 additional programmable EQ presets and Bluetooth input gives this amplifier all of the features you would expect from todays powered PA speakers.

Product Highlights

  • High power 2-way plate amp with DSP for creating active speaker systems
  • Customizable crossover frequencies, parametric EQs, limiter, and delay
  • Simple user interface allows easy DSP adjustment (Windows compatible)
  • 5 programmable EQ presets per output for various applications
  • Bluetooth input (summed to mono) for use with phones, tablets, laptops
  • 2-channel mixer built right in, plus line out for subs or additional speakers

Product Manuals / Spec Sheets / Downloads

Dayton Audio PPA800DSP Windows Software
Dayton Audio PPA800DSP User Manual

Dayton Audio PPA800DSP 2-Way Plate Amplifier 800W 2-Channel with DSP and Bluetooth

Dayton Audios PPA800DSP plate amplifier produces 800 watts of power split between 2-channels (600W for low frequencies; 200W for highs) with simple adjustable DSP making it an excellent amplifier for building custom, high-output, active 2-way speaker designs. Thanks to the compact size, this amplifier is also a great choice for retrofitting existing passive designs. Perfect for DJs, karaoke, live sound reinforcement, performers and presenters alike, the PMA800DSP provides not only plenty of good, clean power, but an abundance of additional features to make sure your show goes off without a hitch, and with a minimum of effort or additional hardware to lug around.

User Customizable DSP puts you in control

The true highlight of the PPA800DSP is the built in customizable DSP. Using the simple Windows interface you are able to set specific levels, high and low pass filters, parametric EQs, limiter, and delays for each output. This gives you the ability to customize the response of this amplifier to almost any 2-way design and even set presets for specific situations.

Adjustable Filters

With adjustable high and low pass filters on each output (12 to 48 dB/octave), you have the ability to create a seamless transition between your woofer and tweeter without the need for a power robbing passive crossover network. In addition, you can also create a subsonic filter to protect woofers or even control unruly tweeters with rising top end response.

Parametric EQ

For equalization, the PPA800DSP includes 6 bands of parametric EQ for each output, giving you the ability to minimize specific peaks and dips in the drivers response and shape the overall response to your taste. In addition, this amplifier has the ability to store a total of 5 custom EQ presets (Labeled: custom, vocal, music, low cut, and high cut) to make it easy to adjust your finished speakers on the fly for use in specific situation.

Peak Limiter

Professional speaker systems are designed to be run near full output for extended periods, but under these conditions the drivers need protection from extreme peaks. For protection, the PPA800DSP includes an adjustable limiter to keep the output of the amplifier under control. With adjustable output threshold, attack time, and release time you can set up your system to keep output power at safe levels while preserving most of the original dynamics.

Adjustable Delay

An important but often overlooked part of a speakers sound and dispersion is time alignment. The adjustable delay (0.1 ms increments) gives you the capability to ensure the output of your systems drivers arrive at the listener at nearly the same time. With adjustable delay on both the high and low channels, you even have the ability to ensure speakers using this amplifier have proper time alignment with subwoofer systems positioned farther away.

Built in 2-channel Mixer with Bluetooth

Youll also enjoy the luxury of having a 2-channel mixer on board, which means one less piece of rig to schlep for many situations. Each channel can accommodate XLR or 1/4" input, line or mic level signal. In addition to this creature comfort, you also get a Bluetooth receiver, so you can play backing tracks, break music, or whatever you need - without wires, adapters, and all the associated hassle - right from your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. The mixer section also includes an XLR line output so you can feed your signal to another powered speaker or subwoofer. You can choose to send your mix or only the signal from channel 2, on down the line. The mixer section is also home for all the LED indicators: power, signal, limiting, and Bluetooth status - everything you need to know, all at a glance.

Specifications: • Amplifier type: Class D • Low frequency power rating: 600W RMS (4 ohms/1 kHz @ THD+N 1%) • High frequency power rating: 200W RMS (4 ohms/8 kHz @ THD+N 0.1%) • Input sensitivity: LINE, 0 dBu; MIC, -24 dBu • Bluetooth version: 4.2 • Power: 120~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, auto-sensing • Dimensions: 15" L x 6-5/16" W x 2-3/4" D • Cutout dimensions: 14" x 5-1/2" • Weight: 4.8 lbs.

Model NumberPPA800DSP
Unit of MeasureEach
Warranty - Parts5 Years
Warranty - Labor5 Years
Product Shipping Weight (lbs.)6.4
Product Height 6.31"
Product Width2.75"
Product Length15"
Product Depth--
Amplifier TypePlate Amplifiers
Power Output600W for low frequencies; 200W for high frequencies
Power Output (RMS @ 70V) Range253
Output Channels2
Output Connectors476
Output Types285
Input Connectors306
Input Impedance--
Signal-to-Noise Ratio--
THD @ Rated Power0.01
Parametric EQ6 Bands per output
Phase Adjustment0° (NOR) or 180° (REV)
Low-pass CrossoverVariable
Low Pass Adjustment--
Dynamic Range--
Frequency Response

20 - 20

000 Hz

Bass BoostVariable
Voltage Requirement

120~240 VAC

50/60 Hz

Auto-on Sensitivity--
Stand-by Power Rating--
Special FeaturesBuilt in user adjustable DSP