HTA100BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth USB Aux In Sub Out 100W

Quick Overview

The Dayton Audio HTA100BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier successfully marries flexible amenities that pay homage to classic amp design of the past. Utilizing the efficiency of solid-state class AB amp topology and a vacuum tube preamp section, the HTA100BT authentically reproduces the warmth and character of tube amps with the flexibility the modern world expects.

Product Highlights

  • Authentic vacuum tube warmth and character with class AB amplifier efficiency produces an articulate and natural sonic experience
  • Powerful 50 watts per channel of audiophile fidelity that is sure to please even the most discerning ear
  • Convenient input connections including USB, optical, coaxial, phono, stereo RCA, and Bluetooth V5
  • Mono RCA subwoofer output gives you the ability to enjoy a 2.1 system when connected to an active sub
  • Brushed aluminum housing with vintage front panel VU meters lends a clean, modern look with a nod to classic aesthetics
  • Short circuit protection circuitry to prevent amp failure
  • Built-in phono preamplifier to easily connect record players

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Dayton Audio HTA100BT User Manual

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Modern Connectivity with Vintage Flair, Tube Amplifiers from Dayton Audio

Modern Design Meets Vintage Sound

The Dayton Audio HTA100BT hybrid tube amplifier gives modern amp design a vintage makeover. Featuring the best of modern amp technology and functionality, the HTA100BT provides all of the convenience you to expect from an amp with the added benefit of classic vacuum tube sonic performance.


No Compromises

Debates may rage between whether solid-state or tube amplifiers produce a better listening experience; however, Dayton Audio solves the debate. By harnessing the best qualities of both, Dayton Audio's HTA100BT hybrid tube amplifier utilizes the efficient design of class-D amp topology while employing vacuum tubes in the preamp circuit. The tubes' subtle character and warmth create a delightful homage to the classic valve amplifiers of the past.

HTA100BT front view
HTA100BT back view

Modern Connectivity with Vintage Flair

HTA100BT with speakers in use at home

Flexibility & Power

With an output power rating of 50 watts per channel at 4 ohms, the HTA100BT packs a serious punch perfect for almost any home audio listening system. The added convenience of Bluetooth V5 ensures that your wireless streaming has the best possible quality and functionality. Front panel controls allow you to skip songs, play/pause, and change the input source.

HTA100BT back showing cables connected

Connected Versatility

A rear-mounted RCA input allows more permanent connections to larger input sources. Complete with a dedicated phono input, the HTA100BT perfectly pairs with your turntable. The HTA100BT also has a rear-mounted USB drive input that will read the most common audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, and APE. The USB connector is only for media playback from a hard drive or flash drive. Note: USB input does not allow for streaming directly from a computer via USB.

HTA100BT close-up of front face

Homage to the Classics

Classic front panel VU meters on the HTA100BT perfectly compliment the modern, sleek, brushed aluminum housing. Exposed tubes only add to the modernized vintage aesthetic of the HTA100BT. A large volume knob, complete with bass and treble controls, on the front panel gives you access to the control you need to dial in your perfect sound.

HTA100BT from another angle

Sight & Sound

The classic beauty of the HTA100BT makes the amp a perfect centerpiece in your room, while the functionality, power, and superb audio quality make the amp perfect to drive any stereo setup. With the HTA100BT, you receive the best of both worlds in amp design and function, as well as vintage attractiveness. See and hear the difference the HTA100BT gives your audio system.

Control At Your Finger Tips

HTA100BT front control panel schematic

The HTA100BT gives you complete control from the front panel of the amp. Easily select input source, playback, and tone. In addition, VU meters give the amp a classic feel. Complete with an oversized volume knob, not only is the control at your fingertips, but the amp looks great.

1. Power

2. Source Select

3. VU Meter for Left Channel

4. VU Meter for Right Channel

5. Input Select

6. Play/Pause Control

7. Previous Track

8. Next Track

9. Bass Control

10. Treble Control

11. Volume Control

All The Connections

HTA100BT rear panel schematic

The HTA100BT provides a vast array of input options with virtually any input device. Stream from USB, Bluetooth, or connect via digital inputs, or an RCA Aux input. The HTA100BT also features a built-in phono preamp to enjoy your vinyl collection. Completed with a subwoofer output, the HTA100BT is perfect for a 2.1 system.

12. Subwoofer Output

13. USB Port

14. Optical Input

15. Coaxial Input

16. AUX1 Input

17. Phono Input

18. Speaker Outputs

19. Cooling Fan

20. Power Input

HTA100BT connection schematic

Model Number HTA100BT
Color Black
Unit of Measure Each
UPC 848791007446
Warranty - Parts 5 Years
Warranty - Labor 5 Years
Product Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Product Weight --
Product Height 6.6"
Product Width 11.5"
Product Length --
Product Depth 10.6"