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Max-X Series

Max-X Series

The Max-X dual voice coil high excursion subwoofers from Dayton Audio are built for incredible low frequency extension and high SPL. These affordable drivers combines durability, efficiency, and maximum displacement into a great looking speaker that will deliver the deepest bass with power and authority. Optimized for use in compact enclosures these driver are ideal for home subwoofer designs and high impact car audio systems.


Key Features

• High excursion and maximized surface area for excellent displacement capability

• Seamless dish cones are extremely rigid and durable with a sleek and modern look

• Custom tooled surrounds allow long throw while maximizing cone surface area

• Extensive venting cools the voice coil enabling high power handling with low power compression

• Dual spiders maintain linear excursion for lower distortion even when pushed to the limit

• The dual 2 ohm voice coils give you the ability to get the most out of any amplifier