iMM-6C iDevice USB-C Calibrated Microphone

Quick Overview

Turn any phone or tablet with a USB-C port into a laboratory grade audio measurement device with Dayton Audio's iMM-6C calibrated measurement microphone.

Product Highlights

  • Precision condenser microphone for critical measurement
  • For use with any smartphone or tablet with a USB-C port
  • True omnidirectional pattern with calibrated flat frequency response
  • Headphone/Line Out pass-through jack for test signals or listening
  • Kickstand feature elevates and angles device and microphone capsule
  • Rugged construction with high-quality components

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Dayton Audio IMM-6C USB-C Measurement Microphone for Tablets IPhone IPad and Android

Turn any phone or tablet with a USB-C jack into a laboratory grade audio measurement device with Dayton Audio's iMM-6C USB-C calibrated measurement microphone. Each iMM-6C is individually hand-calibrated using a laboratory-standard measurement microphone, for consistent, repeatable measurements that match the level of precision previously offered only by expensive stand-alone microphones.

Download Calibration Files

The Dayton Audio iMM-6C is a microphone specifically engineered for professional-grade measurement and recording purposes. It is optimized to seamlessly connect to any device with a USB-C port including Apple, Android, and Windows based products. Its durable construction and compact design make it an ideal companion for audio professionals who need to conduct on-location tasks such as acoustic analysis, audio level monitoring, and recording.

Each iMM-6C microphone undergoes individual calibration using laboratory-standard measurement microphones. This painstaking calibration process ensures consistent and repeatable measurements, providing the same level of precision that was previously only attainable with expensive standalone microphones.

A unique serialized calibration file is available for each iMM-6C. This calibration file can be used by most audio-analysis apps for Android, Apple, and Windows based devices that support microphone calibration.

Mic element of the IMM-6C

Designed for Mobility

Built into the IMM-6C is the CM6542 ADC/DAC which accurately converts the acoustic information into bit-perfect data for use with any acoustic measurement software that supports external equipment. with a THD+N rating of 0.001%, the ADC works transparently providing maximum accuracy from input to output. The output jack of the IMM-6C allows you to play sweeps and noise from your host device for an all-in-one testing setup, and acts as a convenient kick-stand to keep your microphone off any surfaces your device rests on. 

The USB end of the IMM-6C has been slimmed down and extended for guaranteed fit through large phone and tablet cases for no fuss connections.

USB-C Connector of the IMM-6C

Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule

The omnidirectional polar pattern of a microphone, such as the IMM-6C, offers a wide range of benefits and capabilities. By using an omnidirectional electret condenser capsule, this microphone is designed to capture sound equally from all directions.  Whether you're assessing the acoustics of a concert hall, a recording studio, or a home theater, this microphone can accurately capture the spatial characteristics and reverberation within the space. When it comes to measuring the output of a speaker driver, an omnidirectional microphone ensures that you capture the sound emitted from all angles. This provides a comprehensive representation of the speaker's performance, enabling you to analyze its frequency response, distortion levels, and other important characteristics.

Polar Response of the IMM-6C

Note: In order to use your iMM-6C as a calibrated measurement microphone you may be required to purchase an app for your tablet or smart phone. Dayton Audio suggests  AudioTool for Android and Audiotools for IOS

Download Calibration Files


  • Capsule Type: Precision 6mm electret condenser
  • Polar Response: True Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 18-20,000Hz ±0.5dB (calibrated)
  • S/N Ratio: 70dB (A-Weighted, varies depending on host device)
  • Connector: USB-C
Model Number iMM-6C
Color Black
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Warranty - Parts 5 Years
Warranty - Labor 5 Years
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