DMK-1 Delta Mass Scale and Weight Kit

Quick Overview

Enhance your speaker design and testing workflow with the Dayton Audio DMK-1 Delta Mass Scale and Weight Kit, an indispensable tool for Dayton Audio DATS users. This kit includes a precision digital weight scale and museum putty, designed for the accurate measurement of speaker parameters. Simplify the process of obtaining Thiele/Small parameters and VAS values by precisely adding mass to speaker cones. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and speaker designers seeking efficient, accurate speaker analysis.

Product Highlights

  • High-Precision Digital Scale: Enables accurate weighing of small masses critical for speaker analysis.
  • Museum Putty: Four strips of non-damaging, reusable putty for easy mass addition to speaker cones.
  • DATSv3 Compatibility: Optimizes the measurement capabilities of the DATSv3 system for precise Thiele/Small parameters.
  • Effortless Operation: Designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth measurement process for DIY users and speaker designers.
  • Complete Measurement Solution: Everything needed for immediate, accurate speaker testing is included.

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Dayton Audio DMK-1 Delta Mass Scale and Weight Kit

Embrace the next level of speaker measurement accuracy with the Dayton Audio Delta Mass Kit. Designed as the perfect add-on for the DATSv3 system, this kit provides DIY enthusiasts and speaker designers with the tools needed for precise, hassle-free measurement processes.

Precision at Your Fingertips

The included digital weight scale offers unmatched accuracy for measuring small masses, crucial for the mass addition method used in speaker analysis. This precision tool ensures that the mass added to the speaker cone is measured accurately, facilitating the DATSv3 in calculating detailed Thiele/Small parameters and VAS values.

Safe and Effective Mass Addition

With four strips of museum putty, the Delta Mass Kit allows users to safely add mass to the speaker cone without risking damage. This reusable putty is designed to stick firmly yet remove cleanly, ensuring that your speakers remain unharmed throughout the measurement process.

Streamlined Measurement Process

Acknowledging the needs of DIY audio enthusiasts and professional speaker designers, the Delta Mass Kit has been crafted to offer a seamless integration with the DATSv3 system. This kit empowers users to achieve professional-grade measurements in the comfort of their own workshops, pushing the boundaries of custom audio design. By simplifying the mass addition step, the Delta Mass Kit not only makes the measurement process more efficient but also significantly enhances the accuracy of the DATSv3 readings. This results in a more reliable and user-friendly experience, enabling you to focus on designing and optimizing your audio projects.

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