Introducing the OPAL1 - A testament to high fidelity audio and modern design

A Testament to High Fidelity Audio and Modern Design

Since its establishment, Dayton Audio has been synonymous with premier loudspeaker components, and ready-to-build designs. During our research and development process to develop new and interesting loudspeaker concepts one design reigned supreme – OPAL1. This system embodies our commitment to innovation, exclusively incorporating high-end components, and ensuring an audio experience that is both authentic and groundbreaking.

Single white OPAL1 on black speaker stands against a pale green wall with dark greeen curtians and part od a wicker chair

At the heart of the OPAL1 lies revolutionary 5.5" woofers, featuring the patented MMAG technology, which utilizes an expansive ring of radial bucking magnets to extend the magnetic gap; enabling a more uniformed magnetic force throughout the woofer’s immense excursion. This along with the unique carbon fiber diaphragm results in an enhanced bass response that seamlessly integrates with its smooth upper midrange.

Single black OPAL1 rear speaker on white background

The rear of the OPAL1 is just as impressive, housing dual 5.5" passive radiators. These not only augment the low-end response but also maintain a cohesive visual design. With the assistance of these passive radiators, the OPAL1 achieves a remarkable low frequency response, providing a smooth, non-fatiguing, ultra transparent and huge sound that is often found only in larger tower speakers.

The black OPAL1 speakers *ONLY SOLD IN PAIRS* on a night cityscape background

The transition from low to high frequencies is effortless, thanks to the quality silk dome tweeter. This tweeter is celebrated for its expansive dispersion and meticulous detail, engaging listeners in a tapestry of sound.

The black OPAL1 speakers *ONLY SOLD IN PAIRS* in a livingroom background

The crossover is fine-tuned to harmonize the robust low-end with a midrange that is both smooth and dynamic. While the sensitivity is moderated to facilitate the extended bass, the system requires a substantial amplifier, with a recommendation of 200W or more, to achieve its full potential. The use of high-quality components in the crossover ensures that the OPAL1 not only lasts, but performs with unerring precision.


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OPAL1 Bookshelf Speaker Pair Gloss Black

OPAL1 Bookshelf Speaker Pair Gloss Black

OPAL1 Bookshelf Speaker Pair Gloss White

OPAL1 Bookshelf Speaker Pair Gloss White